Management Programs

Leadership and management training.

Our management programs focus on building team leaders through teamwork, self-exploration and theoretical practice. We focus on team sessions to allow individuals to learn about each other, while learning more about themselves. This allows the group to grow as a whole, and strengthens the dynamics of the team.

What we will
touch upon

Development of teams with
a focus on high performance

Handling feedback in teams

Development of leadership

Handling of conflicts that
arise in businesses

Insights on motivation

Business theme – workshop
on digitalization


Having fun!

In order to have the best possible surroundings for the program and to experience the extraordinary, we offer three programs in three different locations. Here, our programs focuses on team-building, leadership skills and pushing your boundaries. Set in beautiful surroundings with catered food and accommodation, these experiences are both unforgettable and valuable.

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Module 1

2 day module. Introduces you to the SDI tool through theoretical and practical material, and helps participants to identify who they are as an individual and a team-player, and where the team can improve. We will delve into developing leadership qualities and work on how feedback can be used as tool of motivation and how it can be used effectively in a team.

more about SDI

Module 2

2 day module. Focuses on delving deeper into module 1. It prioritises how to use the tools in their own business sector and how to achieve the highest standards. With this, participants will gain a better understanding for the teams behavioural patterns, and their own, both of which are central in achieving success as a leader.


“The program was customised so that every participant got something concrete out of it that they now can use day-to-day. As well as this, the leaders themselves got inspiration to how they should handle their respective teams so that we collectively can reach even better results during rough periods. We have booked module 2 already!”

Per Ulrik Andersen
Managing Director, Samsøe & Samsøe