Clients and referrals

Samsøe & Samsøe | Management Program

“The program was customised so that every participant got something concrete out of it that they now can use day-to-day. As well as this, the leaders themselves got inspiration to how they should handle their respective teams so that we collectively can reach even better results during rough periods. The surrounding, food and atmosphere harmonised perfectly! We have booked module 2 already!”

Per Ulrik Andersen
Managing Director, Samsøe Samsøe

Nordisk Film | Management Program

“Our focus on organising a team has been noticeably sharpened and we have gotten inspiration to how we as a company can continue to be the best in our field, which now also reflects in our marketing statistics. Morten, as a teacher on site, manages to use his heavy leadership experience in a way that makes the duration of the program relevant for both the creative and the commercial leader.”

Allan Hansen
CEO, Nordisk Film

Tiger of Sweden | Sales Program

"We chose to work with Morten and his HPP because we immediately saw that with our already talented teams in the stores it would take our stores and teams to another level. The performance after starting with Morten’s programs within two weeks the hit-rate lifted 2% which is an amazing result. The most unique thing with Morten and the program is that he has a unique way of lifting the teams motivation - small and large - from when you open the door to the shop and further when you stand on the shop floor. For us it was the perfect match”

Mads Pedersen
Operations Manager, Tiger of Sweden

Odense University Hospital | Management Program

"We had an excellent afternoon with Morten who gave us a lot of insights and inspiration. In a very compelling way, Morten managed to scope the topics so that all inputs were relevant to us – and as he is very humorous and present speaker, time just flew. I especially liked the dynamic between the short theoretical presentations and the group sessions. It was an eye opener to see how bad we were at applying what we had just learned, emphasizing the importance of stepping back and reflecting on performance and how we want to perform as a team."

Louise Katrine Kjær Weile
Midwife, Master of Health Science (MHSc), PhD-s.

Samsøe & Samsøe | Sales Program

“We have had a partnership with HPP and Morten for +10y and in order to secure the best possible platform for the challenges going forward we started 2y ago to implement a retail performance program for our +500 sales people. Basically, we did a personal motivation profile on all sales people (SDI) and furthermore, build an onsite training program for all shops to secure full understanding on what needs to happen in our stores everyday in terms of best possible service towards our customers. The program is support by a digital tool (APP) that secures that all sales people are updated on their goals everyday, but also an opportunity to revisit the trainings done previously. Finally, the communication platform on the APP have secured that our silos been broken down, so that best practices and lesson learned can be communicated and executed straight away. The results been outstanding and we feel better equipped than ever before in terms of focus on performance and as part of that optimal service and dialogue towards our customers."

Per Ulrik Andersen
Managing Director, Samsøe & Samsøe