Sales programs

In-store sales training targeted at
customer service and sales techniques.

Our sales training is hands-on efficient. We teach in-store staff key sales techniques to boost sales and positive customer service experience, overall improving brand image from the second a customer enters the store and touch upon how the TEAM look like based on SDI profiles.

The key benefits of our sales training is that it’s practical. We do role plays, so your staff get up and go and perfect their techniques quicker.

Our app holds all the techniques taught on the day, available to any staff at any time to ensure that the skills are always fresh in everyone’s mind, ready to be put into action.

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"We chose to work with Morten and his HPP because we immediately saw that with our already talented teams in the stores it would take our stores and teams to another level. The performance after starting with Morten’s programs within two weeks the hit-rate lifted 2% which is an amazing result."

Mads Pedersen
Operations Manager, Tiger of Sweden

“Hit-rate growth of +2% point the first two weeks after we trained our sales people in closing techniques.”

Tiger of Sweden

“Retail growth of +14% in actual sales the month after implementation of program in declining retail market.”

Samsøe & Samsøe