Programs we offer

Our TEAM have their background within international management & commercial business combined with strong digital capabilities, so we understand the current opportunities and challenges in the marketplace. We have developed the following services, and the key for us is the fact that the services will be tailor-made to each partner.

Management programs

High performance programs aimed to improve leadership and team building skills.

Our two 2-day module programs are relevant for both the creative and the commercial leader. They are structured in a way where every participant feels like an individual and a leader. We base our programs on SDI, which allows individuals to achieve their full potential and unlock skills to manage and lead a team efficiently.

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Sales program

In-store sales training targeted at customer service and sales techniques.

In-store training is aimed at sales managers and assistants to teach about fundamental sales techniques to improve their confidence as the faces of the company. We focus on how to approach a customer, create a bond between employee and customer, and efficient closing techniques.

To meet the need for motivating personal engagement and connecting the company as a team, we have created an performance app that allows everyone employed to access live KPI’s, share success stories, direct communication between staff, shift plants etc.

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Management Consulting

Exclusive hire as a business consultant

Do you need advice on how to grow your business, achieve specific goals or need a new perspective?

Personal coaching

We offer leaders an individual program (normally 5x2h) where we discuss the leaders opportunities and challenges including “Walk & Talk” sessions. An opportunity for the leader to have confidential discussions as well as work life balance evaluations and input.

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